Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Doujinshi: Quite Erotic, Not That Erotic, A Bit Erotic Zelda

NSFW: Depicts Consensual Sex, 18+


Language Posted: English
Title: "Quite erotic, not that erotic, a bit erotic Zelda" エロそうで、エロじゃない、少しエロいゼルダ
Artist: yamaguchirow | shinji yamaguchi
First Published Date: 2011/12/29
Approx Length: 12 pages
Characters: Zelda and Link
Game: Skyward Sword

Scanned, translated and edited by: Joouheika, aka: fujiappletan
Originally posted here:

I can not thank Joouheika enough for scanning, translating, and editing this doujinshi: as well as for allowing me to post this here. It's seriously one of my favorite Zelda doujinshi. There needs to be more "cute porn" for the Zelda series.

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