Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Doujinshi: Nise: Prologue

NSFW: Depicts rape; seriously 18+

Language Posted: English
Title: Nise: Prologue
Artist: Hajime Taira
Circle: LTM (?) Lyma (?)
First Published Date: 1999/05/16
Approx Length: 26 pages
Characters: mostly Zelda. Impa, Carpenters.
Game: Ocarina of Time

Notes: "Additional pages that were not translated featured comments by the artist of this doujin. -That explained his motives and intentions of his work. Apparently Hajime Taira; the artist and writer, was overly frustrated with the Zelda character for being so useless and this doujin and its sequel was his way of expressing his bitterness towards her." -georgeowain

Credits: Apparently this was posted & translated by the people at
Ravidouk cleaned and typeset it & it was contributed by him.

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