Friday, June 14, 2013

Doujinshi: The First Summer

NSFW: Depicts Consensual Sex, 18+
UPDATE: Added the English Translation


Language Posted: English (Translation and Editing by Morphult)
Title: The First Summer
Artist: Misa | Usagi Paradise
First Published Date: 2013/3/17
Posted on this Site: Japanese: 5/28/2013 & English: 6/14/2013
Approx Length: 25 Pages
Characters: Zelda, Link, Groose
Game: Skyward Sword

Can anyone tell me if the text in this says if there are more volumes in this series? It sounds like it may only be one part of 4.

Credits: Georgeowain sent this in. It was found here and here. I have no idea who scanned this, though I would love to give them credit and thank them profusely.

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